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Fitness Recipes: Light And Healthy Food For Any Workout

Fitness Recipes: Light and healthy food for any workout

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has led all governments to enforce a compulsory lockdown. Citizens have been asked to stay at home and not socialise. All public places like shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, educational institutions, offices and markets have been asked to shut down except those who deal with essential items like food and medicines. Even funeral services have been limited. People tend to overlook the most critical component of a healthy lifestyle, diet. A healthy diet assures that your body will work better; it will help in growing muscle mass and repairing damaged tissues. The first thing to avoid is sugar and refined carbohydrates. If you want a well-sculpted body, you will have to reduce your fat percentage and increase your muscle mass. Your diet will need to have a mix of the right amount of protein, nutrients, vitamins and healthy carbs. Carbohydrates are of two types, simple and complex. Simple carbs are like energy bombs, they get digested quickly, and the body is unable to understand what should it do with so much energy, so it stores it like fat. Complex carbs, on the other hand, are filled with fibre and are slow to digest help you keep full for a long time. If you are looking to lose weight fast, you can opt for a fasting scheme like intermittent fasting or a keto diet. Without a healthy diet, it is impossible to have a good physique and a healthy lifestyle.

Sweet potato chicken bowl

Sweet potato chicken bowl

This recipe is the perfect combo of good carbohydrates and protein elements with a lot to explore for your taste buds. To make this dish, you will require sweet potato, carrot, green peas, broccoli, chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, tahini sauce, pepper for seasoning and salt to taste.

To begin with the cooking, your first step will be to preheat the oven to a 180 degrees celsius for at least 20 minutes and keep an iron skillet inside the oven. It would be best if you seasoned the skillet with oil to make surface non-stick and shiny.

By the time your oven and skillet are preheating you should chop your veggies, start with peeling the potato and washing all the vegetables. Chop them in equal juliennes for even cooking and towel dry them. Coat your chicken breast with a mixture of olive oil, mustard and tahini sauce, and this will be a great flavour enhancer. Put your meat and veggies on the iron skillet and sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Roast them for 10 minutes on each side to make sure that chicken is evenly seared and perfectly cooked.

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